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Love your breath and no prescription needed!

Love your breath, now Im not talking about how your breath smells or mouth hygiene. I am talking about how to love your breath, using it correctly to really help the body to calm and induce many other interesting and benefitting things.

Breathing, you could say is one of the most natural things we do, and many of us are not breathing optimally. Modern living, the daily stressors of the day, can all affect how we breathe, even without knowing. Unconsciously, dealing with the stressors of the day can literally change the breathing pattern and not always for the best. Possibly developing unhelpful breathing habits.


So what is ‘loving your breath’ all about?    

From the start of air entering the nose, moisture is added to the air,  trapping pathogens and dust and warming or cooling the air.  Not only that, but believe it to not, nitric oxide is released when breathing in through the nose. (I will talk about nitric oxide in a separate blog, not sure when yet).

Now nitric oxide sterilises the air as you breathe in, killing bacteria, relaxing the blood vessels and opening up the air passages in the lungs - thus more oxygen getting into you blood stream.  Who would not want to breathe in through the nose, no prescription needed ! Nitric Oxide is also an antioxidant so its great in being part of  clearing oxidative stress from the body.

Now notice, when you breathe in, are you a mouth or nose breather?  If you can, breathe through the nose and enjoy the benefits noted above. Watch out soon for what happens when you breathe out !



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