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Online video appointments available in place of clinic appointments.

The London and Hampshire Anxiety clinics UK

Welcome to the London and Hampshire Anxiety clinics Limited, here to provide you with the latest treatments in mental health for anxiety disorders.

Both clinics offer a variety of treatment options and are flexible to meet your requirements and personal circumstances. Both anxiety clinics  provide the latest in modern treatments for anxiety, including applied neuroscience, brain and body health, positive psychology, physiological techniques, DNA nutrition testing and the traditional therapeutic methods. If required, the clinics also have access to Doctors and psychiatrists. Treatments for anxiety are also available online with the London and Hampshire Anxiety clinics.

Our anxiety treatments include many scientific, practical and organic techniques that are combined with a talking therapy. You can learn how to use your physiology and nervous system to restore balance and reduce unwanted anxiety symptoms.  From the point of your first consultation, interventions will be  explained and included for you.

Treatments for Anxiety disorders, London and Hampshire

Treatments for anxiety at the London and Hampshire anxiety clinics include modern, scientific and psychological interventions. To find out more about any particular treatment, please contact either clinic.

EMDR for anxiety

Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing.

An effective treatment to reduce the distress of associated anxiety symptoms.



The London anxiety clinic, is in the heart of Londons medical district offering early morning to late evening appointments and weekends. The Hampshire anxiety clinic is in Chandlers Ford, a village between Winchester and Southampton., easy reach from many Hampshire towns.

Contact The London and Hampshire Anxiety Clinics

To contact either of the anxiety clinics, please use the email contact form or the contact numbers provided.

About The London and Hampshire Anxiety Clinics

Mike Ward is the owner and consultant of the London and Hampshire Anxiety clinics. He has had over 10 years experience working for a trauma charity, helping and supporting children, teenagers and adults through trauma . Mike also provided consultancy for a blue light emergency services.

Mike keeps himself up to date with the latest research including neuroscience, cognitive and behavioural psychotherapies and the latest technology that could be helpful to assist the treatment of anxiety. This information provides him with a continual and healthy approach to providing you effective and modern therapeutic treatments.

The London and Hampshire anxiety clinics

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