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Fear of heights, or just fear?

Fear of heights can be quite natural and you could say fairly normal, I mean who wouldn’t want their nervous system to send a gentle reminder when near the edge of something high or just at a height anywhere?  Your nervous system is doing its job and wanting to keep you safe and others.


However it can be very different if a person is consumed by this fear. For example, a fear of the height in a lift, or the fear of the height on a bridge. Most people have described the physical symptoms and irrational thoughts as totally uncomfortable, and thus avoid these situations. Many want to be able to travel over a bridge with ease or just take a lift to the next floor. This does save time and effort, not travelling alternative routes to avoid the bridge or walking 300 steps to get to office on the top floor. It will keep you fit, however sometimes we just want life to be a bit easier.


The fact is,  fear is real and can be managed effectively, so what do we do? Do we just ‘rock up’ at the next high bridge and go for it and walk over.  This could be helpful for some, however most people would rather learn gradually to reduce their fear response.  You can if you do the work and its doesn’t take long. 

So…. At the London an Hampshire anxiety clinics, we have a specific Virtual reality programme based upon triggering the  fear response in the body on a gradual basis. At the same time the client is taught how to manage their physical response to the fear and take control of their nervous system. Now this isn’t about distraction techniques, this is actual control of your nervous system, using breath, posture, physiology, cognitive priming techniques and positive psychology.

Come along to the clinic and find out more about this modern technology.. the application of Virtual reality for anxiety can be cross situational, learning to manage fear in one particular situation helps you to learn how to manage the fear response in many other situations. After all you can be in charge of your ‘fear biology’ and take back control.

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